Desktop Gadget- Desktop Toys Tetris for iPhone

Desktop GadgetsThis is a version of Tetris with a modern twist. You control the pieces with just a swipe of your finger. You can enjoy the classic marathon mode or step into Magic Mode. This app will keep track of your stats and even allow you to listen and control your iTunes while you play. If you are looking for a way to keep yourself busy for hours, you can download this application for as little as 99 cents from iTunes or the app store on your iPhone. A word to the wise, don’t let your boss or girlfriend catch you playing for hours on end.

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Desktop Gadgets and iPhone Apps Bejeweled 2 Comparison

Desktop GadgetsWhen it comes to playing Bejeweled 2 on a Desktop Gadget or on an iPhone app there are many similarities. Both the desktop toys and the iPhone apps require the player to switch jewels two at a time to create a chain of three, they also offer different playing modes. Bejeweled on a desktop gadget is going to have a larger playing screen, and you will be using your mouse to switch jewels. On the iPhone app you use your finger to move the jewels around and you have a few different levels you can play. On the desktop gadget you are going to have a more simple game experience, with the iPhone the colors are much brighter and the movements are faster.

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Bejeweled 2 for iPhone

Desktop GadgetsWhen searching for a new game to download one of the most popular for iPhone is Bejeweled 2 + Blitz. This app costs a mere 99 cents and you can play for hours. This app is the #1 puzzle game of all time, and those who have played it know why. There are many different modes to play such as classic, action and endless. Depending on what type of mood you are in you can challenge yourself or you just play on and on. Playing is very easy, just simply switch two jewels that are side by side to create a row of 3 or more to gain points.


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Desktop Gadgets- Featuring Bejeweled 2Desktop Gadgets


One of the popular games on any gaming system is Bejeweled 2. This game is not only available on a CD for your PC but you can get also get it as a Desktop Toy. In this fun interactive game the player is required to switch gems, two at a time, to create lines of three matching gems; the longer the line the higher your score. Plus when the connected jewels disappear and cause another line of jewels to line up, it is called a combo and that means bonus points for you. Your mouse is the only thing you need to play this game as a desktop toy.


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Desktop Gadgets - Desktop Toys Desktop Gadgets


Everywhere you look, you might see advertising for applications. There are types of applications called gadgets, and with these you can get desktop gadgets and desktop toys. And the beauty of the whole thing is games that you can get on your iphone you can also get on your computer! It is truly a step in the right direction. Soon everyone will be able to play the same apps be it by Desktop Gadgets, desktop toys, or iphone apps. The world is slowly coming together over the creation of apps and usage of desktop gadgets. One of these highly popular app is Bejeweled 2!



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Desktop Gadgets- Texas Hold’em a Popular Game For Windows 7 And iPhone

Desktop GadgetsOne of the most popular games around is Texas Hold’em. This game is played by people from all over the world either in real life with friends or at major tournaments to, iPhones and desktop gadgets. This game is in high demand and is available on almost any system. Regular computer games on CD to playing online, iPhone apps and Desktop gadgets for windows. There is no short supply of this highly popular game! This game is not just a game of luck; it requires skill, intelligence, and the ability to think on the fly! Watch what you bet, you might just loose it all! Try it on desktop toys and iphone apps.

Desktop Gadgets- Texas Hold’em

This is a very addicting game to play with other people. Available with online play, this desktop gadget is very entertaining. Setting up an account on the website is free and when you sign up you get 10,000 free poker chips to start with. Tables hold up to nine other players so be sure to invite your friends to play too. There is a bonus to this desktop gadget game, there is no real money involved so if you lose it all it is ok! You can get more later. Even if you do not know the rules, there is a guide to help you get started. This is a great desktop toy to keep you entertained for a little while.

Texas Hold’em for iPhone

There are many different Texas Hold’em games available for iPhone users. You can download free versions or you can up to $4.99 for other versions. When playing you can play against realistic opponents or you can play with your friends on a Wi-Fi- network. The more you play the more you will earn like exclusive rooms with higher stakes. The graphics make it feel as if you are sitting in a real casino playing. You can use one or two-finger gestures to emote what you want to do. Keep track of your stats with newer versions of play. Sit down, take a load off but don’t spend all of your money.

Comparison of Desktop Gadgets and iPhone Apps

There are some noticeable differences between desktop gadgets and iPhone apps.Desktop Gadgets When playing Texas Hold’em on the desktop gadget you are playing table and avatars are on the simple side of things. The speed in your desktop gadget is not going to be as fast as and iPhone app either. When it comes to the iPhone Texas Hold’em app you are going to experience things a little differently. There is going to be more detail in your playing area including your avatars and the colors are going to be brighter and crisper. Playing both ways will give you a feel of the difference between a desktop gadget and an iPhone app – and it would certainly show you how useful these desktop gadgets are.